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Working With A Home Health Care Provider In Overland Park

Home health care providers, and the close personal and physical care they provide, can foster dependence. However, as professionals, maintaining a healthy, balanced relationship with the care recipient is vitally important. Here are some suggestions to help support the caregiver/client relationships.

Make A Home Health Care Plan

Family members can create a care plan that identifies the tasks and responsibilities of the caregiver. Communicate early and often, imparting your expectations, inviting questions or suggestions. Misunderstandings can interfere with maintaining a good relationship. When everyone is aware and in agreement, it makes it much easier to form positive relationships.

Choosing Home Health Care Providers

When you are choosing a caregiver, make sure it’s a good fit. It’s hard to build a bond with someone who is not on the same page as you or your family. Discuss the care recipient’s history and share their likes and dislikes with the home health care provider. Make sure they understand your expectations and their specific job duties.

Establishing Home Health Care Provider Relationships

The relationship with the caregiver should be valued and respected. Depending on the particular situation, it may be necessary to rely on the services of several caregivers. It is important that you take the time to bond with each one. The positive energy devoted to the caregiver relationship is rewarding.

Factors that support good relationships are:

  • Environment – Create a comfortable environment where the caregiver will be working. Make sure they are familiar with the layout of the home. Show them where to find things, such as refreshments and supplies they may need. Providing a space where they can take a break and relax is beneficial in building a good relationship.
  • Encouragement – Praise the caregiver and show your appreciation for what they are doing. This will reinforce positive behavior and job satisfaction. Be open to their concerns and observations. 
  • Boundaries – Professional boundaries encourage good decision making. Developing a bond with the home health care provider is important, but remember to keep the relationship professional.
  • Respect – Be respectful of the caregiver’s privacy and avoid quizzing them about their personal life. Likewise, share only information about yourself or your family member that is necessary for their job. This will foster goodwill and make giving feedback to your caregiver easier.

Be Mindful of the Home Health Care Recipient

Ultimately, in order to make a genuine difference, support of home health care providers should be carefully tailored to the care recipient’s particular circumstances, personality, and needs. Check with them frequently to see what they want or need from the caregiver. Address any problems that come up as soon as possible. This will help to ensure that your family member and caregiver have a cohesive relationship.

In Overland Park, home health care providers are being relied on more and more every day. The average life expectancy is increasing, and aging adults are developing chronic illnesses and disabilities. Additionally, more people are choosing to remain in their homes rather than enter a caregiving facility.

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At Home Care Assistance, our ongoing Care Management ensures 100% client satisfaction. Our caregivers and Care Managers are available around the clock to support the needs of our clients and their families. We are always available to respond to any of your questions or concerns. 

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