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Paying For Home Health Care Kansas City

Home health care can put a financial strain on the families of elderly adults who are being cared for at home. Long term care for in-home services is not usually paid for by health insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. Home Care Assistance discusses the options that may be available to help lighten the load.
Private Pay
Paying for home health care out-of-pocket is the most common method. Family members can work with a care planner to find ways to find affordable care options. One of those options is purchasing long-term care insurance.
Long-term Care Insurance
Long term care insurance is coverage that will pay for assisted living, nursing home care or home health care in the event someone is unable to care for themselves due to a chronic condition or disability. 
This type of insurance policy varies with providers so it can take some time and research to find the right company for your family’s needs. When reviewing the policies, pay careful attention to the details – some of which include:
  • What services are covered
  • How much the policy pays per day
  • Lifetime maximum payout
  • Additional benefits
Also, consider the length of the elimination period of the policy; most insurance policies have 90-day elimination periods during which you will need to cover care needs out-of-pocket. If you need more information or help with explaining the policy, speak with an insurance agent. 
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Veterans Benefits
Beneficiaries of military veteran’s benefits may qualify for an Aid and Attendance pension for home health care. This is a tax-free monthly pension given to veterans and their spouses who need assistance with daily living. Eligibility requirements tend to vary on wartime qualifications.  (They must have been an active-duty veteran living on base, not in the Reserve, or National Guard). These benefits also depend on income and medical qualifications.
Contact the Department of Veteran’s Affairs and a State Service Officer. They will work for you to obtain these or any other benefits from the Veterans Administration that your loved one is entitled to. They are your advocate to help guide you through the process.
After the age of 65, one becomes eligible for Medicare. In some states, Medicare will supply limited hours of home health care based on financial need. It only covers home health care from a certified home health agency, and the individual must be approved. However, in most states, Medicare typically does not cover non-medical home care needs. 
Medicaid is an option for individuals who qualify as low-income in their state. In some cases, Medicaid will cover the costs of long-term home health care services. Check your state’s eligibility requirements. Medicaid will usually pay for 100 hours of home care following a qualifying hospitalization.
Kansas Medicare – Missouri Medicare/Medicaid
Minimizing Care Usage
Minimizing the amount of home health care your loved one receives can cut costs. However, it carries significant risks. This could result in a precipitous decline in health or safety, which can lead to hospitalization, rehab facility and eventually nursing home care, through the end-of-life. Maintaining health and as much independence as possible not only provides a higher quality of life; it also means less expense. A professional care manager can advise you about affordable options to maximize health and wellness.
Home Care Assistance in Kansas City takes a unique approach to home health care, with individual care management for each client. Our caregivers are innovative, creative, compassionate and committed to providing optimal dementia care. Our care philosophy seeks to optimize the wellness of in-home senior dementia care, bringing energy, independence, and joy to your loved one.
Clients of Home Care Assistance with long-term care insurance benefit from our paperwork submission, the collection of care notes and submission of records so that you are reimbursed by the insurance company in a timely fashion. There is no extra charge for this service.
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