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Home health care services are a fast-growing industry, with a predicted 60% increase in the United States by 2022. The need for home health care workers is expected to rise, as well. The concerns for the safety and well-being of clients and caregivers is an important part of home health care in Overland Park.

When a person ages they become more susceptible to not only chronic illness and disease that impairs their ability to take care of themselves but the risks of injury are increased. It is an important issue that home health care must address.

Care of aging seniors is usually provided by family members in the client’s home, or a home health care agency such as Home Care Assistance in Overland Park. It can involve hands-on personal assistance to someone with a disability or other chronic condition. A caregiver assists with the activities of daily living such as preparing and serving meals, bathing, dressing and light housekeeping. Other responsibilities may include administering medication, wound care, taking blood pressure readings and performing range-of-motion exercises or other types of physical therapy.

Workers in home health care meet new challenges on a daily basis. An unsanitary home can lead to a variety of health risks like infections and disease. Clutter everywhere can lead to falls and other injuries. 

By taking a proactive approach, caregivers can take steps to ensure a safe home health care environment in Overland Park. The care provider should assess the entire home for unsafe conditions, then develop a plan for home health care safety. Involve other family members and review common sense safety measures with them and the patient.

Additionally, other family members should be assessed. Violent behavior is not uncommon, and although most incidents are verbal, assault and sexual harassment can become a distinct possibility. These risks and more can contribute to unsafe conditions.

Some of the safety measures home health care providers can do to ensure a safe home environment are:

Remove Fall Hazards  

Falling is the leading cause of injury for seniors. You can reduce the risks by removing loose throw rugs, clean up clutter and remove non-essential furniture items. Creating an open, accessible space can help prevent a fall.

Fire Prevention

Removing fire hazards can include making sure smoke alarms are installed and have fresh batteries. Check electric cords on appliances and fixtures for damage and have them replaced or repaired. Remove candles and make sure a fire extinguisher is accessible and full. Discourage the use of space heaters.

Emergency Contacts

Keep a list of emergency numbers near the phone, using large, block print to make it easy to read. If the senior has a cell phone, program in important contacts.

Bathroom Safety

The bathroom is one of the riskiest rooms in a senior’s home for falling. Scalding can also occur in the bathroom. Make sure grab bars are installed in the tub or shower and beside the toilet. Set the temperature of the water heater no higher than 120° F to prevent accidental burns. Place a bath chair in the tub or shower.

Senior adults find peace of mind with home health care in Overland Park. Home Care Assistance prioritizes the safety of their caregivers and patients. We work alongside family members to design a personalized custom care plan that includes the following:

  • Household Tasks – Light housekeeping, nutritious meal preparation, dishwashing, laundry and changing bed linens.
  • Personal Care – Bathing, dressing, grooming, incontinence and medication reminders.
  • Mobility – Exercises and movement around the home, as well as assistance in and out of the bed or wheelchair.
  • Transportation – Rides to medical or doctor’s appointments, physical therapy sessions, grocery shopping, errands and personal events.
  • Chronic Conditions – Specialty care for dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s as well as care for seniors who have recently had a stroke or been hospitalized.

Our caregivers and Care Managers are available around the clock to support the needs of our clients and their families. We conduct assessments and quality assurance with routine visits to the home.

Call or visit our website to learn more about not only the care and safety of senior adults receiving in-home care but about issues of concern to home health care workers. At Home Care Assistance, we provide expert senior care services in Overland Park.


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