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Elderly care of loved ones presents special challenges and many times can be difficult for caregivers to manage. Due to aging, physical changes to the body often results in the loss of a person’s physical abilities. These changes can make seniors feel helpless and not in control of their lives. It can lead to depression and anxiety, which directly affects their overall quality of life.

Most aging adults want to carry on their lives as they always have – continuing to live in their own home, drive their car, take walks or travel – whatever they would normally do. However, when this is no longer possible, elderly care providers in Overland Park have the ability to empower seniors to remain independent as much as possible.

Promoting Independence

Many people may not realize the importance of high-quality elderly care of our aging parents. For example, by encouraging independence, we ensure they remain active, giving them autonomy, which empowers them. An added benefit is that it instills trust that you will support their goals. Small things that you do can have a significant impact on elderly care, such as:

  1. Give them choices. Let them choose the clothes they want to wear and make them easily accessible. This goes for other personal items like jewelry and money, a favorite handbag or other items they like to have on hand.
  2. Make Things Easy. Ensure that clothes are easy to put on. Some types are more manageable than others. If they have difficulty with buttons or zippers, get them pants with elastic waistbands. When they are able to get dressed without help it boosts their confidence. 
  3. Smart Technologies. Voice-activated devices are a great elderly care resource for helping seniors with low vision, limited motor skills, and mobility challenges. They can enable seniors to do things for themselves without having to rely on the support of caregivers, helping them to stay engaged and more independent. Voice-activated devices can be used to:
    1. Play music
    2. Operate the television
    3. Lock and unlock doors
    4. Control the thermostat
    5. Control lights
    6. Tell the time, date, and weather
    7. Make phone calls

Making your senior’s Overland Park home functional is effective elderly care that can make their life easier, help them remain more independent and remain in their home longer. It may be necessary to make changes to their home to further this endeavor. Keep in mind what their daily routine is and the daily challenges they face.

Examples of things you can do in the home that support elderly care are installing grab bars in the shower and near the toilet, adding a shower chair and an elevated toilet seat and in the kitchen keeping everything at eye level.

Other suggestions for elderly care that can help to ensure independence are:

Social engagement – Older adults need to get out of the house to avoid loneliness and boredom. Isolation can lead to depression. Maintaining their hobbies and taking part in Overland Park community activities, like Bingo groups, exercise classes, and group excursions are good ways to help keep seniors active.

Physical Activity – Regular physical activity is good for the mind and can improve strength and mobility. It can also help prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia. Taking daily walks on the walking trails throughout Overland Park or participating in exercise classes and trips to the mall all encourage movement.

We make choices in our own lives every day – whether it’s about the clothes we wear, the food we eat, or the movies we watch. They add meaning and joy to our lives and are empowering. Our aging loved ones deserve no less. You can provide the best elderly care support when you know what your loved one wants and allow them to make personal choices. Take the time to listen to them – they will tell you what they want and need.

We hope that the suggestions we’ve provided will help you with your responsibility as an elderly care provider in Overland Park. As providers of home health elderly care, Home Care Assistance is committed to providing excellent support to aging adults with our person-centered approach to their mental, physical and emotional well-being.



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