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Dementia Care Needs Caregiver Support In Kansas City

Dementia care is a major health and social concern in Kansas City, with an increasing demand for caregiving. The impact of the disease affects not only the person with dementia but also the families who care for them and the society in which they live. Many families are tasked with finding the resources for the care and support of people with dementia.

Alzheimer’s & Dementia

The most common cause of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease, but there are other causes as well. Dementia is a progressive disease that affects cognition and other crucial functions of the brain. Age is the main risk factor, and as the population ages, the people who develop dementia continues to increase. Getting an accurate diagnosis of dementia when cognitive symptoms are first noticed has many advantages. While dementia has no cure – it doesn’t ever “go away” – symptoms might be treatable in the early stages and, in some cases, reversible.

The symptoms progress at different rates – more rapidly for some people, while for others it may take years to reach an advanced stage. Symptoms of memory loss due to normal aging, like misplacing the car keys or forgetting what you were going to say, should not to be confused with dementia.

Stages of Dementia

As the disease progresses through the different stages, different degrees of dementia care will be required. People with mild dementia may still be able to function independently, although they may experience memory lapses that affect their daily life. People experiencing moderate dementia will need more assistance as it becomes harder for them to perform daily activities and self-care. They may hallucinate, get lost easily and not remember what day of the week it is.

Someone with severe dementia will need full-time 24-hour dementia care. They will lose their ability to communicate and will need assistance eating and dressing. They have severe cognitive disabilities, lose the ability to walk, control their bladder and bathe and may be more susceptible to infections, such as pneumonia. In-home care is often the first choice of families and subsequently, increases the need for skilled dementia care workers in Kansas City.

Awareness & understanding

The most important need for dementia care is that everyone improves their understanding and acceptance of dementia. People with dementia should not be excluded from contact with friends and family or the community. People with cognitive impairments need constant companionship, structured activities throughout the day, and personal care to thrive.

Caregiver Support

Providing dementia care can be demanding and very stressful for the caregiver. Fatigue, physical, mental and emotional demands on caregivers can be significant, especially long-term. Community resources, family and friends can help support caregivers by assisting with bathing, cooking, running errands or just listening to them vent. Just giving caregiver’s a break goes a long way to relieve stress.

Home Care Assistance, are providers of dementia care in Kansas City. Our proactive approach to dementia care is innovative, creative, compassionate and committed to providing optimal care. Our home health caregivers provide the very best dementia care available in the Kansas City area.

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