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Dementia Care Overland Park – Normal Aging and Memory Loss

The need for dementia care in the Overland Park area is on the rise now, more than ever, as aging adults are being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia. Almost 40 percent of people over the age of 65 experience some form of memory loss. It is important that caregivers learn early on how to recognize the symptoms and discern the differences between age-associated memory impairment (memory loss due to aging) and dementia.

Normal Aging

The five most common signs of cognitive decline that occurs with normal aging are:

  1. Memory loss – Occasional forgetfulness (things and events)
  2. Lack of recognition – Not remembering friend’s or family member’s name
  3. Social skills – Forgetting the details of past conversation or event
  4. Behavioral changes – Show signs of agitation or aggression
  5. Disorientation – Not understanding where they are in place and time

Normal memory loss due to aging typically is when someone starts forgetting things from the distant past but have cognitive awareness most of the time and are still functional in their daily lives. Mild forgetfulness can be a normal part of aging as changes begin to occur in not only the brain but in all parts of the body. 


The sudden onset of severe memory loss is not a normal part of the aging process. Dementia is a group of symptoms that affect a person’s memory, cognition and social skills. It affects more recent memories first, (e.g. a person feels lost in familiar places, forgets to pay bills or repeats questions.)

Dementia can cause significant psychological changes which affect a persons ability to function as they would normally, causing issues such as:

  • Shifts in personality
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Inappropriate behavior
  • Paranoia
  • Agitation
  • Hallucinations

Additionally, dementia can make it difficult for a person to communicate and have difficulty with problem-solving, handling complex tasks and planning and organizing things. They begin to lose their coordination and experience overall confusion and disorientation.

Alzheimer’s Disease

More severe than dementia, Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of progressive dementia and is estimated to affect more than 5 million older people in the United States. While it is still not fully understood, Alzheimer’s is believed to be when plaque (clumps of beta-amyloid, a protein) and tangles in the brain system used to transport nutrients, damage brain cells.

Other forms of dementia include:

  • Vascular dementia – When blood vessels that feed into the brain become damaged, such as with a stroke.
  • Lewy body dementia – Caused by abnormal collections of protein in the brain.
  • Frontotemporal dementia – A group of diseases caused by a breakdown of nerve cells in the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain affect personality, behavior and language.
  • Huntington’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and Traumatic Brain Injury can also contribute to symptoms of dementia.

Maintain Brain Health

When you or someone you love has been showing signs of memory loss, here are a few tips to help keep your brain healthy and functioning:

  • Stay socially active
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Stay physically active
  • Challenge yourself mentally
  • Reduce stress in your life
  • Avoid head injuries
  • Make healthy lifestyle choices

Diagnosis & Treatment

You should see a doctor in Overland Park when you have concerns about memory loss as it can be important to the progression – or delay of – dementia. Learning about the types of dementia is advised as soon as you begin to notice the symptoms. Finding out what causes dementia can help you to understand what is causing the symptoms you’re experiencing. You should get proper care, treatment and support as soon as possible.

Your Overland Park doctor can conduct a full examination and arrive at a potential diagnosis – or give you a clean bill of health – which can have a significant impact on your future.

Home Care Assistance provides dementia care in Overland Park, Kansas and surrounding communities. Our competent and skilled staff provides loving, one-on-one person-centered elderly care to our residents who have been diagnosed with any type of memory loss. For answers to your questions or to find out more about our facility, please call us as soon as possible. 


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