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Caregivers Support Makes A Difference In Extended Care

Caregivers are being relied on more and more frequently in Kansas City as the average life expectancy increases and more people are living with chronic illness and disabilities. Many people choose to remain in their home rather than enter a nursing facility. This means that a family member usually becomes the caregiver.

The role of family caregiver has many challenges, is often a thankless job and one that is all too often taken for granted by other family members. The need for a caregiver can arise unexpectedly, and many people find themselves in this position with no training and no idea of how to fulfill the role.

Taking care of the needs of an ailing or aged person can be emotionally and physically demanding. Not only are there basic tasks such as assistance with bathing and dressing, but caregivers are also responsible for a variety of other tasks, such as administering medication and transporting to medical appointments. In many cases, their time is in such demand that their own personal needs are neglected. When this happens, it can lead to stressful times for everyone in the home.

Friends and family members may want to help but often don’t know how. Caregivers can be proactive by making it easier for them by setting aside time to talk to them. Make a list of the caregiving tasks you routinely perform and share it with them, pointing out areas in which you could benefit from their help. By helping them to understand what the job of caregiver involves, it can help smooth the way for further communications and encourage other family members to get involved.

In order to make a genuine difference, support of caregivers needs to be carefully tailored to their particular circumstances, personality and preferences. Sometimes when caregivers are immersed in taking care of their loved one, they begin to feel isolated and undervalued. It can be hard for them to ask for help, so offering your time can be important to caregivers when they have personal errands or if they just need to get away for a time. 

Take time for a conversation that lets them know you understand and care about them. It helps when others commit to providing truly helpful assistance. An offer to fill in for a while so they can take a much-needed break is a thoughtful way to support caregivers. 

Be ready to lend an ear when they need to talk. Listen attentively as caregivers express their thoughts and concerns, their joys and frustrations. Ask how you can help and find a way to relieve some of the burdens. The smallest things can seem insignificant to you but can have a profound impact on the lives of caregivers. Showing gratitude and thanks to caregivers is an effective way to support primary caregivers of long term home care in Kansas City.

Family members who have the time and ability can help out with home maintenance, transportation, yard work and whatever else needs doing. Hiring professional services for housekeeping, yard care and meal delivery is also an option. The home may need some modifications, such as a handicap-accessible bathroom and wheelchair ramp. Getting help by involving the family in finding solutions to problems relieves caregivers of having to make all the decisions and arrangements themselves.

When the holidays roll around and the whole family is going to be present, it can put an even heavier burden on caregivers. This is a perfect opportunity for others to help share the load. It is also an opportune time to take advantage of having everyone together for an impromptu meeting to get an update on the aging loved one’s condition and work together to find solutions for any issues.

Ultimately, the best way to help caregivers is to give them your time – time to go to the salon or bank, read a book, clean the house or catch up on sleep. Offer to do the shopping or prepare a meal or just sit and listen while they vent if that’s what they need. Many family members don’t fully comprehend what caregivers do – ask detailed questions and encourage them to explain what they do and ask how you can help.

Caregivers in Kansas City deserve to be celebrated for their selfless endeavors and everyone needs a break sometimes. Are you a family caregiver who needs some time to recharge and rest? Home Care Assistance is a professional company dedicated to providing complete caregiving including dementia care in the Kansas City area. Our team of in-home caregivers is trained to provide whatever is needed in the comforts of the home.


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