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24 Hour Care Kansas City – Understanding The Challenges

24 hour care Kansas City presents a unique set of challenges. Round-the-clock caregiving can touch all our lives at some point, with no consideration to age, race, religion, profession or economic status. Finding ways in which to help face the challenges and provide quality care benefits patients and families alike.
Primary Physician 
When an aging person requires 24 hour care Kansas City, it is recommended that they have a geriatrician as their primary care physician. Doctors who are trained in geriatric medicine are superb primary care providers. They focus on wellness and preventive health for their patients, in addition to managing chronic medical conditions. A geriatrician is better able to recognize symptoms and causes of aging and provide appropriate treatment. The Alliance for Aging Research predicts that by the year 2030, the United States will need 36,000 geriatricians.
What is a Geriatrician? 
Just as children have a pediatrician, who is a specialist in the needs and care of children, older adults should have a geriatrician as their primary care physician.
Geriatricians are primary care doctors who have additional specialized training in treating older patients. They can practice in outpatient settings, nursing facilities or hospitals. A geriatrician coordinates the overall care of their elderly patients who have multiple health problems or complex conditions with a team of other physicians.
How a Geriatrician Helps 
A geriatrician sees the “big picture” and finds the appropriate treatment that works for all the patients’ conditions. For example, many older adults take multiple medications to treat a number of conditions. Patients benefit from a geriatrician who is well-versed in drug side effects and the negative effects that may occur from someone taking multiple drugs can help prioritize which drugs are necessary and which can be avoided. Typically, the geriatrician will not treat every active medical condition with medication, but instead will prioritize the conditions and medications to maximize the patient’s physical functioning and well-being. READ MORE
When an elderly person who needs 24 Hour Care Kansas City, they and their families should consult with the geriatrician about his or her views on all aspects of care, including:
  • Medication Management
  • Side Effects of Medication
  • Drug Interactions
  • Fall Assessment
  • Memory Loss
  • Chronic Illness
These are conditions that often occur as people grow older, and the doctor should be made aware of their patients’ specific health care issues.
A geriatric physician also provides the benefit of time to the patient – allowing them sufficient time to discuss all of their medical concerns.
When the caregiving community embodies the special qualities of empathy and sensitivity, they are better qualified and prepared to support and assist their patients. They develop an enhanced appreciation for the special challenges, decisions, and urgency that families, patients and other caregivers face. Being a caregiver requires inner strength and commitment in order to withstand the challenges. But over time it adds to an increased sense of self-worth and credibility as a 24 Hour Care Kansas City caregiver.
24 hour care is available to Kansas City senior adults who are living at home if and when it’s needed. With elderly people, anything can happen at any time. You need to avoid being caught without a plan in place if something happens. Adult children should discuss future options with their aging parent while they are still cognitive and can have an active part in decision making. READ MORE
The potential for 24 hour care Kansas City necessitates finding out what options are available and arranging for them. Caregivers who plan early ensures they are prepared when and if the time comes when an aging family member will need help.
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